JETI: Audible Alarm

The buzzer is located in the JETI Tx module. There are two configurable tones:
Mx Tone 1 – enables adjustment of warning tone frequency (Hz), which reveals alert conditions of the connected equipment Mx (usually a telemetric sensor). A value of 0 indicates that the warning tone is switched off.

Mx Tone 2 – enables adjustment of information tone frequency (Hz), which informs about the alert condition of the connected equipment Mx. This tone has Morse alphabet character and follows immediately after the warning tone. A value of 0 indicates that the information tone is switched off.
JLog does not use Tone 1! No pre-tone is send, Tone 2 in Morse immediately (… with the newer versions the warning tone is also send). So please pay attention that Tone 2 is configured!


It is NOT NECESSARY to be connected to “Mx” that alarm tone sequences get through to the JETI Tx module, where the buzzer is located!

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