Release Notes

Note: The “S32terminal” is a .NET-based application, so-called “Click Once” application. The OS actually installs this at a randomly chosen location, in some respect at least. Never download the installer a second time and install “just over”! If it does not work by automatically offered updates (Check your network!) then uninstall S32terminal before installing a 2nd time “from scratch”!
We are started with
  • S32 bootloader version 1.6 (batch #1) respectively 1.7 (next batch)
  • S32 application version 1.7
  • S32terminal version
These versions implement the ESC YGE LVT|HVT already.
Note 1: 12.10.2016:  S32: app 1.8, S32T: ==>  Alternative analogue temperature sensor PT1000: -99.9 to 802.0°C, warning threshold range: -39 / +800°C
Note 2:  12.11.2016:  S32 app 1.10, S32T  ==>  Enhanced DIAG (“DIAG” button in terminal) text page in HoTT for Hobbywing V4 ESCs.
Note 3:  12.13.2016:  S32 app 1.12 ==> Fix for temperatures from Hobbywing V4, bugfix.  S32T ==> cosmetics
Note 4:  12.14.2016:  S32T ==> Windows 8 up: Responds when S32 was connected before startup.
Note 5:  12.16.2016:  S32T ==> More tooltips for KOSMIK/JIVEpro.
Note 6:  12.17.2016:  S32 app 1.15 ==> Bug fix: Reading of config file “S32.pdf” by S32 could overwrite hardware version and bootloader version.
Note 7:  12.18.2016:  S32T ==> Tooltips KOSMIK/JIVEpro corrected.
Note 8:  12.18.2016:  S32T ==> SPEKTRUM help text (At the moment, the developer is learning what the user needs for learning. )
Note 9:  12.18.2016:  S32T ==> The ESC/FC data feature table adapted due to the fact that the JIVE Pro has no Ibec current sensor anymore.  It is just “information fog”: Kontronik says on the hardware would have been nothing changed. Others have supposedly received conflicting information from K. Others say that they see JIVE Pro’s Ibec output permanently on zero with S32. – The “research” goes on.. The change made in the data table concerning Ibec from a JIVEpro may be incorrect (hopefully), it is incorrect at least according to an information from the CTO of Sobek/K I got today (12.21.16).
Note 10:  12.19.2016:  S32 app 1.16 ==> Anti-hazard for KOSMIK/JIVEpro TelMe protocol.
Note 11:  12.20.2016:  S32 app 1.17 ==> PLEASE UPDATE! Removes an electrostatic effect which was due to a software flaw.
Note 12:  12.23.2016:  S32 app 1.18 ==> No important update. The green LED of the hardware version 3.0.4 is a bit bright . App 1.17 fixed that on base of its hardware version detection. That detection did not work because it was “10 lines too early” in the source code.
Note 13:  12.28.2016:  S32 app 1.19 ==> Additional interfaces to a new bootloader v.1.7
Note 14:  01.03.2017:  S32 app 1.20 / S32T ==> Several fixes and improvements. First development stage of S32 for NAZA-M
Note 15:  01.07.2017:  S32 app 1.21 ==> Bug fix: ImotShunt was functionless
Note 16:  01.10.2017:  S32 app 1.22, S32T ==> JETI telemetry (EX/EXbus): added the possibility to use alternative sensor IDs (e.g. for use with two ESCs, so 2x S32 to the same receiver or Profibox).  Attention! The default ID has been changed! Let your S32 RESCAN by your transmitter or Profibox!
Note 17:  01.11.2017:  S32T ==> The wiring diagram in BID Help was wrong.
Note 18:  01.15.2017:  S32 app 1.23, S32T ==> App firmware + terminal support now flashing of the bootloader from file (SD). Another change in the terminal: Some users had problems with DNS resolving (of the update server) in their OS. The terminal tries now at 1st the FQDN (, as before), afterwards the IP what is hopefully always the same..  App firmware 1.23, ESC==KOSMIK/Jpro: S32 is now even more moderate with respect to timeout due to apparently ESC-copy-related temporary data protocol dropouts. As a precaution S32 also got a hazard filter on all data items from the ESC.
Note 19:  01.16.2017:  S32T ==> Some users seem to have considerable problems with their network setup (name resolving, gethostbyname not working for the terminal) but also significant latency with the update server. Therefore, in contrast to version, this terminal version do not use any FQDN anymore than the IP of the server only. Let’s hope that helps, let’s hope the server IP will never change..
Note 20:  01.16.2017:  S32T ==> And again.. The terminal itself (the update check in it) is now also using only the IP of the server, no domain name.
Note 21:  01.24.2017:  S32 app 1.24 ==> Alarms sensor->terminal (transmitter, Profibox, TU):  JETI continues to play letter lottery. Some terminals accept only uppercase letters, others only lowercase ones, and others both. S32 now sends an alarm as lowercase letter, then as a uppercase one at the time of the alarm (every 2.5s a different alarm or repetition of the only one). For a terminal which only recognizes one type letter this means that the alarm repetition rate halves – every 5 seconds instead of every 2.5.
Note 22:  01.24.2017:  S32 app 1.25 ==> Bug fix: JETI EX: With config #3 JLog nevertheless sent the definition of 1+15 instead of 1+12 displays.
Note 23:  01.24.2017:  S32 app 1.26 ==> Excuse me, forgot the scissors in the patient’s abdomen during the surgery. Surgery: Issues with new SPEKTRUM X-bus receivers.
Note 24:  01.25.2017: S32 bootloader 1.8 ==> For the new “T” series of the SPEKTRUM receivers with X-Bus: Enables a successful sensor scan of the receiver even when Rx and S32 are started simultaneously. Without this (BL 1.6, 1.7) S32 has to get its operating voltage about 10 seconds BEFORE the receiver! — S32 app 1.27 ==> Pendant to the new bootloader for SPEKTRUM “T”. Not required to update. — S32T ==> Release note in the message box when reporting the availability of a new bootloader.
Note 25:  01.27.2017: S32 app 1.28 / S32T ==> Support for JETI telemetry in large helicopters with multiple electric drive, several ESCs, one S32 per ESC. Occasion and example: SKYTRACTOR
Note 26:  01.27.2017: S32 app 1.29 ==> bug fixing for ESC==MEZON … S32T ==> two minor beauty spots removed
Note 27:  01.28.2017: S32T ==> Actually, an unnecessary update. A user from downunder had an update issue.
Note 28:  02.06.2017: S32 app 1.30 ==> another ESC==Scorpion Tribunus, Ubat anti-hazard filter ESC==MZ. S32T ==> Tribunus added.
Note 29:  02.07.2017: S32 app 1.31 ==> Scorpion Tribunus: The SN had the wrong order. But now:
Note 30:  02.08.2017: S32 app 1.32 ==> bug fix in ESC==Hobbywing V4 (temperatures)  S32T ==> ESC table expanded
Note 31:  02.12.2017: S32 app 1.33 ==> ESC==Hobbywing V4: SPEKTRUM: display “ESC”: “tBEC” was always zero because this ESC does not send tBEC. We put now tCAP in the field “tBEC”;  SPEKTRUM: Sixth sensor (display) “14S LiPo”. See the “SPEKTRUM” chapter for more information.  S32 bootloader 1.9 ==> Got a required modification for “14S LiPo”.
Note 32:  02.12.2017: S32T ==> You learn too bad, the developer learns from it : Tooltips added.
Note 33:  02.13.2017: S32 app 1.34 ==> Bug fix: ESC==old JIVE. Firmware version line trailer in the log did not work.  S32 app 1.34 / S32T ==> SPEKTRUM SRXL added. Attention! Not yet tested because the corresponding receiver SPM4649T is yet on its way to me.
Note 34:  02.18.2017: S32 app 1.35, S32T ==> SPEKTRUM SRXL (Rx SPM4649T) telemetry, S32 simultaneously as Remote Receiver (“Sat”) –> FBL.
Note 35:  02.21.2017: S32T ==> telemetry==Futaba: Slot assignment now also manually possible to do.  S32 app 1.36 ==> Watchdog against defective SD card or its file system.
Note 36:  02.23.2017: S32 app 1.37 ==> minor bug fixes and support for another sensor compilation for Futaba s.bus2. S32T ==> telemetry==Futaba: supports to select the sensor compilation as well as manual time slot assignment (S32T>.35: There was a beauty spike. )
Note 37:  02.24.2017: S32T ==> telemetry==Futaba:  Added a help viewer on sensors used by S32.
Note 38:  02.24.2017: S32 app 1.38 ==> ESC==KOSMIK/JIVEpro:  Workaround against several flaws in the TelMe protocol and to rise the data update rate.
Note 39:  02.25/26.2017: S32T ==> “ESCinfo” brought to front.  –  S32 app 1.39, then 1.40 ==> The 1.38 mistakenly was internally marked as 1.100. Improvements on handling of data from HV²BEC. Telemetry==SPEKTRUM SRXL: Remote Receiver data sent simultaneously to receiving it. The extra latency stick to FBL reduces from about 1.4ms to 95us.  ESC==JIVEpro: S32 Vsupply for Ubec.
Note 40:  02.27.2017: S32T ==> Little fix in telemetry==Futaba (naming of the sensors)
Note 41:  02.28.2017: S32 app 1.41 ==> telemetry==SPEK Xbus: More watchdogs on top. May be helpful in case of interference to the I²C line.
Note 42:  03.01.2017: S32 app 1.42 ==> Improved handling of Vintern in log and log header. Log header expanded for telemetry==SPEKTRUM Xbus/SRXL[+RRX]
Note 43:  03.06.2017: S32 app 1.43 / S32T ==> Workaround button “T18MZ” in telemetry==Futaba. “RPM” in “ESC”, “poles=2″ divides by two than by one. Activated button doubles the values given by S32 for rpm.
Note 44:  03.08.2017: S32T ==> Some minor fixes.
Note 45:  06.04.2017: (weeks ago )S32T ==> A minor fix.  S32T ==> Support for the new “ESC” Pixhawk PX4      S32 app 1.44 ==> 1) JETI telemetry: Occasion: User requirement to have also voltages from “Pin Volmeter” in telemetry. Outcome: Config #0,2,3 now much more flexible, setup-dependent auto-definement of EX displays.  2) JETI EX, text modes (JETI, HoTT): When an ESC does not deliver “Ubec” S32 replaces by its own supply voltage measured at the one of three possible ports. This is reflected now in the naming: “Ubec” –> “Us32″.  3) Release of the implementation of a new “ESC”: Pixhawk PX4 flight controller. This is Beta! Only supported telemetry is HoTT (it was a requirement from Graupner/SJ). No HoTT text mode yet, no special log format. (PX4 respectively the ground station is logging by itself) Plan is, as far there will be some time for development, to move on MAVlink. Current interface is 11-byte D type (S32 emulates a sensor hub). S.port as the other possible protocol (FrSky) is no good alternative because that needs an extra hardware interface converter (inverted signal levels etc like Futaba S.Bus).
Note 46:  06.15.2017: S32 app 1.45/46 ==> Little bugfix around “Vintern” (and Ubec=Vintern when no Ubec from an ESC) in case an S32 voltage sensor lands on port 3.
Note 47:  06.19.2017: S32 app 1.47 ==> Bugfix against sudden stutter in the data protocol with HWv3.
Note 48:  06.20.2017: S32 app 1.48 ==> Buggy data protocol of KOSMIK/JIVEpro may stochastically lead to protocol failure. Rised the timeout for “ESC lost” detection from 2 seconds to 4.
Note 49:  06.24.2017: S32 app 1.49 ==> Occasion was an issue Futaba–Tribunus. They were in war about timing, they both lost. I generally revised the timing of everything. JLog consists of many parallel processes, event-controlled, asynchronous to each other. Event-generating hardware triggers on base of a structured priority chain: Who triggers first? Who preempts whom? Only.., protocol-related delays should not be executed within an IRQ handler because that extents its run time, blocking other run-willing IRQ routines. Solution is reentrant code, – it’s just big effort. Now I did it, consequently throughout the sources, >600,000 lines currently, – 40 hrs.   S32T ==> Minor changes in tooltips on Futaba telemetry.
Note 50: 06.26.2017: S32 app 1.50 /S32T ==> Another “ESC” “(== test values ==)”: It changes the value of every relevant data item every 2 seconds for testing of telemetry displays.
Note 51: 07.02.2017:  S32T, ==>CVS firmware 4.1, JLC (JLog2.x configurator) ==> OOB parameter range expanded to 10% in 0.5% steps.
Note 52: 07.16.2017:  S32T ==> Some improvements.
Note 53: 07.17.2017:  S32 app 1.51 ==> HiTec C200 Hall toroid for use with HWv4-60A and HWv3: Current ESC–source is very twitchy apparently because of less suitable low ESR caps. Each measurement is now 50 measures (averaging) and the following pre-integrator is using by 33% higher factor. This allows virtual “DC” to be achieved during measurement, which allows to use the calibration to be applied to pure DC. Measurements should now be much more reliable. 
Note 54: 07.18.2017:  S32T ==> Supplemented ESC feature list (+PixHawk PX4) and C200 tooltip.
Note 55: 07.28.2017:  S32 app 1.52 ==> Fixes in log header: “used supply pin” and “ESC type” printout in case it is a HWv4 60A with/without C200:S32T ==> Better visible requirement to cut a wire:  
Note 56: 08.10.2017:  S32T ==>  The main window recalculates its size and position all the time triggered by a timer. I never minimized it down to the taskbar, so I did not notice what a user found: Complaining.., in the end about “divide by zero” as placeholder for the problem that it cannot determine its size/position when minimized to zero.
Version fixes it.
Note 57: 08.16.2017:  S32 app 1.53 ==>  ESC: KOSMIK/JIVEpro:  S32 lost the data stream from time to time. Now ok again. In one of recent updates the extra handling of this ESC was removed. It cannot work without because of several protocol violations by the ESC firmware.
Note 57: 08.16.2017:  S32 app 1.53 ==>  ESC: KOSMIK/JIVEpro:  S32 lost the data stream from time to time. Now ok again. In one of recent updates the extra handling of this ESC was removed. It cannot work without because of several protocol violations by the ESC firmware.
Note 58: 12.26.2017:  S32 app 1.66 ==>  Many changes, no time for maintenance of release notes. … Last one: CAPALARMSTOP revised. For all ESCs, into all telemetry systems: Capacity alarm pulsed. ON: 5 seconds, OFF: 15 seconds if motor spinning, otherwise 30 seconds. Telemetry: JR DMSS: Consumed capacity is zero during a pause. Futaba: Capacity value is negative to trigger an alarm. Set an alarm threshold of < zero in the transmitter.

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