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FET temperature (tempPA in JLog):  In excess of 100°C (212F), so from 101, the PWM will straight be lowered within 10..15 seconds.
The BEC temperature results btw not to shutdown.
Current:  Both the monitoring software (which may let it flash 2 times or continuously) and the monitoring hardware (trigger to the shunt, 8x flash) acting integrative. Thus everything may commonly be okay, but a spacious speed circle get the software monitoring. On the other hand a rough commutation failure can address the hardware monitoring instantly. The trigger always switches from hard, it is intended as a last resort.
Integrative means that you can not define a selective current that causes a ”shutdown”.
Commutation failures:   A commutation failure will lead only in very hard cases to an abrupt cut off, it usually manifests itself fortunately only in a seemingly unmotivated short-term slump in the PWM, and hence the speed. Bad commutation is detected when the motor winding induction pulses arrive grossly addition to the predetermined time.  -  If one observes such bad commutation effects several times in the log, he should think about the KSA mode.

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