S32 picks up the history of JLog2.0 and re-integrates the BID, Battery Identification Device, a Robbe invention.
Multiplex took over the topic of PowerPeak and BID. Since BID is a scarce article, R2 manufactures BID compatibles.
At the moment, do not connect a R2 CVS16 to S32′s data bus if “BID” is activated in the setup! The consequence would be that the calibration data of the CVS are destroyed immediately!
The reason is that both devices use an EEPROM from the same family, which is why their addressing overlaps.
Currently, it needs to be soldered to connect a BID to the data bus. The reason for this are the different connector types on the BID and the data bus. The first the PowerPeak chargers require. See “Help” in the S32terminal BID:
Another thing is that it needs a hub for the data bus so that with a combination of any relevant device a daisy chain can be formed. Currently only CVS16 has two sockets, BID and HV²BEC do not. This hub could then at the same time act as adapter for the BID because it must maintain its connector type for PowerPeak.
R2 will also have to change the CVS so that its EEPROM does not collide with the BID, which is a pure EEPROM, btw.

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