(Related) Optipower Ultra Guard

As a backup of previous posts and because of a special relationship to this product.
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  • Wakeup from OFF:
    • RC voltage rising to >=5V:  UG appears as a “battery” of ~5V with low inner resistance for 5s
    • then: “battery” off, UG measures the RC voltage and remembers it
  • Runtime:
    • UG acting as voltage spatula. In practise: stepping in several times a second.
    • BEC power failure: UG takes over at remembered voltage minus 0.5V *)
  • Auto-Poweroff (no RC voltage) or by Button
    • Hibernation mode
    • Remaining leakage current: Disconnect LiPo when UG is not in use for >2 months
  • Power Source: 2S LiPo
    • Auto-Charging
    • Balancing
    • Lower impedance than the LiPo itself: buck-boost regulator
    • 5A continuous, 10A intermittent
  • Options:
    • super-bright signal LED for alarming (3* white), cascadable
    • Opti Button: remote on/off
*) Purpose of <remembered minus 0.5V> step-in voltage: In order to allow to set a voltage alarm threshold by common means in any telemetry system.
How UG as a “battery” at power-up cures: SPEKTRUM satellite receivers on Vbar FBL: before, after
(On a Sunday in Feb 2015: user (Malcolm) reported an issue in HF, – R2 modified the UG firmware for acting as “battery” at startup. Standard in all UG delivered May 2015 and later.)


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